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Shopping for Used Baby Supplies

Shopping at thrift stores, freight shops and garage sales are good ways to make the baby dollars stretch; however, parents should be careful when doing so.

Used Baby Supplies Shopping Tips

Cribs – This ranks first in shopping for used baby supplies. According to the CPSC, every year about 50 babies smother or gag when they become entrapped between broken crib parts or in cribs with old, insecure designs. The CPSC suggests that users should look for a crib with an authentication seal showing that it conforms to national safe standards. In addition, make sure that the crib splines are no more than 2 3/8 inches separate so a baby’s body cannot fit by the slats. An uncomplicated way to measure this distance is with a soda can. The can should not be able to fit between the crib slats.

Toys – Toys are most shopped used baby supplies. Toys represent about 1/3 of all product calls in affecting children. The huge majority of toys are called back because they have small parts that present choking risks to children below the three years of age. According to the CPSC, old toys can break to disclose parts small adequate to be ate up or to become charged in a child’s windpipe, ears or nose. The law bans little parts in new toys destined for children below three. This includes obliterable small eyes and noses on stuffed toys and dolls, and small, removable squeakers on squeeze toys.

Baby Walkers – This used baby supplies is purchased mainly for toddlers. The CPSC estimates that in 1977, walkers were involved in 14,300 hospital emergency-room-treated harms to children younger than 15 months. If uses pick to use baby walkers, the CPSC strongly suggests that they use new-generation baby walkers, which satisfies the needs of the standard set by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. The standard needs walkers to satisfy one of the following needs: 1) it must be too broad to fit through a standard door, or 2) it must have features, such as a holding mechanism, to block the walker at the edge of a step. Users should look for the “Meets New Standard” label when buying baby walkers.

Clothing –Most of children’s clothing is bought from used baby supplies online and was recalled due to choking risks by the fasteners, buttons, snaps and other particulars detaching from the garment. Assure used clothing thoroughly before buying to make sure that all components are rightly secured to the garment.

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